Since 1968, starting with only one helm and a single dream to drive across boundless borders, we have provided transport services to the different major islands of the country.

             The business enterprise, representing three land transportation companies, namely Vallacar Transit, Inc. (est. 1968), Rural Transit Mindanao, Inc. (est. 1985), and Bachelor Express (est. 1985), has grown from a lone 14-seater jeepney plying a single route, into a little over 1500 transport bus units operating nearly 80% of the bus routes in the central and southern Philippines. The company pioneered in the islands the roll-on, roll off boat services between Negros-Cebu, Mindanao-Leyte, and Panay-Luzon.

         Hard work and dedication by the 6,300 employees made our company one of the major transport players in the Philippines today.


             We are a land-based transportation company, engaged in a bus body assembly and engineering, and our sole purpose, both in mind and heart, is to passionately serve the riding public from all walks of life.

              By providing safe, comfortable, and dependable buses, we make sure that people and goods can move to different geographical spaces of the archipelago, contribute to our national growth, and help preserve the patrimony of the Filipino nation.

Ricardo B. Yanson, Sr.